[GME] Gamecoin

What is Gamecoin?

GameCoin was originally launched on May 12th 2013 under the GMC ticker by a developer using the username gamecoin. Unfortunately this launch was botched due to the developer using the exact same genesis block from Feathercoin or LiteCoin. This resulted in a successful 51% attack replacing the legitimately mined blockchain with that from the other coin.

Gamecoin algorithm: SCRYPT

Gamecoin specifications

  • 2.5 minute block targets
  • 48 blocks (2 hours) to retarget difficulty
  • subsidy halves every 840,000 blocks (~4 years)
  • ~1.67 billion total coins
  • 1000 coins per block
  • Default P2P port is 9776
  • Default RPC port is 9777
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